About Our Training

Group Training

Are you tired of going to the gym and doing the same routine day in and day out and not seeing any results? Are you ready to change it up? At Prime Fitness Clarksville, we specialize in Group Training, which will help you make that change! We combine aerobic training with strength training to get you tight, toned, and sexy. Your body will get stronger, your cardiovascular fitness will improve, and you will burn calories and watch your body transform.

Our Group Training Sessions are 45 minutes in length and are always led by our degreed and certified personal trainers. We don’t believe in fad exercise programs. We don’t believe in fad diets. We DO believe in hard work, dedication, and always challenging your body. You will never go through the same workout twice – we promise that!

Our clients love Group Training because of the varying workouts, positive and supportive environment, and the results that they see and feel!  There is absolutely no way to describe this workout without inviting you to try it.

Corporate Wellness

Small businesses and large corporations benefit from a well-structured wellness programs. Our Corporate Wellness programs range from nutrition seminars over the lunch hour to complete company wide exercise programming. Consistent feedback from this service show that our Corporate Wellness program helps to improve employee wellness, increase employee work productivity, increase employee retention, and decrease OSHA recordables.

Athlete Development

Do you need to get faster, stronger, more agile, or increase your balance? Our Athlete Development programs are designed to meet the needs of our individual clients or teams. We have multiple years experience working with professional athletes, colleges, high schools, and the youth population. In a city that is rich with athletic talent, what makes you stand apart? Come train with us and we will show you.

Individual Training

Are you just out of rehab and needing to slowly get back in to shape? Or maybe you prefer to the full and undivided attention of your personal trainer. Regardless of your reasoning, we offer Individual Training to meet your needs.

Performance and Rehabilitation Services

We take a global approach to sports medicine by offering high value services that treat every patient like an athlete.  We integrate evidence-based practices into the care of our patients that give them access to the latest breakthroughs in sports medicine.  We view exercise, nutrition, and healthy living as the keys to overcoming the limitations associated with musculoskeletal injury.

Therapeutic Massage Services

We offer Massage Therapy appointments with our on-hand Massage Therapist.  Enjoy a time of relaxation and restoration, or take advantage of post-work out massage services.  Give back to those hard working muscles!

Sauna Services

Sunlight Saunas deliver the ultimate experience in relaxation.  It is a fantastic tool to help renew and replenish your body. Heating of muscles produces an increased blood flow level similar to that seen during exercise.  Now you can enjoy the comfort of a spa, and get excellent healthy glowing skin at the same!

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