The TRUTH About Cardio from Prime Fitness Clarksville

Losing weight, increasing endurance, building muscle, getting ripped abs, and becoming sexy takes hard work. In this video, Jacob Finn, owner of Prime Fitness Clarksville and co-founder of High Density Training, reveals the TRUTH about steady-state cardio. Most people think that using a treadmill or running is the best way to get in their “cardio” or endurance training work, but using modalities such as interval training or density training are not only more effective and efficient than standard cardio methods, they also are better on your joints. Standard cardio machines do have their place and we’re proud of those of you who are dedicated to your cardio machine and routine, but the point of this video is to educate you on more effective ways to achieve your goals. Please comment or email us if you have any questions. And please consult your physician to make sure you’re cleared to begin an exercise program before doing so.

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