Rehabilitation Training Testimonials

The post surgery workouts with Patrick have helped me become pain free. He has designed the exercises specifically for me to strengthen all the areas that support the hip. Some of the exercises I didn’t realize would help until I started doing them. As I kept getting stronger with less pain and Patrick’s encouragement, I know I came to the right place! – Kurt Bryant, Hip Replacement

“Working with Patrick has been amazing. I went through 2 reconstructive foot surgeries, had a fractured foot in between the surgeries, and had a double hernia repair, and continued to workout through all four events.

I spent months in a walking boot which restricted me from putting any weight on my foot. Patrick had an endless amount of exercises lined up for me that continued to build muscle. To my surprise, he also had a ton of different cardio activities that I could do to get my heart rate up. In total, I worked with Patrick for 13 months. He knew that my journey wasn’t just a physical one, he knew it was mental (and emotional), as well. He knew that in order for me to move through the surgeries, I needed to work hard and be pushed even harder.

There aren’t enough words to convey how thankful I am to Patrick for the one-on-one training he gave me. He celebrated every victory with me and gave me pep-talks every time I encountered a recovery setback. Patrick truly had my best interest at heart and would consistently check in to make sure that what I was doing wasn’t causing any pain the surgery site.” – Rebecca Brooks 

Pat is amazing at what he does. He has helped me through a couple injuries and has helped me develop and get stronger and better at my sports. Every time I know I am going to the gym after school I get excited because Pat pushes you to get better but also bonds and jokes with you. He also plays football and so this makes it easy to bond with him about things like that. He also tells me what to do when something is hurting  and he changes it to make it not hurt but for me to be able to do it. – Ashton Ozolins, 15

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