Who We Are

Real People. Real Results.

Prime is more than a brand, a gym, or any single trainer. We are a group of professionals who are committed to each other and passionate about helping people experience the fullness of life they were created to. Whether you are looking for a challenge in your current training, or you are hindered by restricted mobility, excessive weight gain, or joint pain, we have a program that will help you move forward towards your goals. We care about your dreams more than your number on a scale. We are a non-competition gym and encourage each and every one of our clients to move at their own pace. Whether you are an advanced athlete looking to improve mobility or a complete beginner after a long period of rest, we have a program design for you!


We Love Results.

At Prime, we realize success looks different for everyone. For some, losing five pounds is a victory, for others it’s waking up without back or knee pain, or being proud of the person they see in the mirror every morning. We celebrate every victory like it is our own, because that is what happens when you join a team. We trust our evidence based programming and our knowledgeable staff to lead our members towards real and sustainable results.


Stop by and see us. We welcome visitors, and encourage you to stop by and see what we are all about.

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