Our Mission

“To help people win back their health so that they may experience a life of freedom, strength, and joy.”

Prime is more than a brand, a gym, or any single trainer. We are a group of individuals who are committed to each other and passionate about helping people experience the fullness of life they were created to. Our philosophy at Prime Fitness is simple, we want to meet you where you are, and walk WITH you towards the healthiest, happiest version of yourself. We care about your “WHY” and are committed to being on your team. When you join the Prime Fitness family, you are receiving so much more than a workout facility. You are joining a support group of exceptional individuals who are all working towards one common goal – to better themselves. We are a non-competition gym and encourage each and every one of our clients to move at their own pace. Whether you are an advanced athlete looking to improve mobility or a complete beginner after a long period of rest, we have a program design for you!

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