Performance Services

Performance Excel

An age based sports specific training program designed to help develop youth and adolescent athletes to be the best they can be while remaining injury free. Please visit the contact us section of the webpage to inquire about performance excel scheduling and appointment times.

* 7-11 years of age
Program Focuses:
– Establish base level of core strength and mobility
– Establish basic motor skills and correct movement patterns
– Emphasize the ability to move one’s own body weight for resistance training
– Emphasize basics of speed, agility, and plyometric movements

* 12-14 years of age
Program Focuses:
– Improve acceleration and velocity ability
– Teach proper lateral and rotational agility and velocity movements
– Teach proper low level plyometric hops, jumps, and bounds
– Improve dynamic mobility
– Proper core and multi-planar strength program

* 15-18 years of age
Program Focuses
– Advanced acceleration and velocity training
– Advanced lateral and rotational agility training
– Intermediate-Advanced plyometric training
– Advanced mobility, stability, balance, and neuromuscular training

* 19 and older
Program Focuses
– Collegiate level acceleration and velocity training
– Collegiate level lateral, rotational agility and quickness training
– Collegiate level plyometric training

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