Member of the Month: July 2019 – John Wilson



  • What got you started with Prime Fitness?


I had just completed Physical Therapy to recover from an ACL and Meniscus reconstruction surgery and not only was I unhappy with my weight but wanted to really focus on making my knee stronger and better than before. Joining Prime was one of the best decisions I have made.


  • What’s your motivation?


Like I said before, I want my knee and my body to be stronger than it ever was before my knee surgery. My knee had been hurt for about 8 years – even before it was so bad that I had to have the surgery – and it held me back from doing a lot of things I wanted to do. My biggest motivation is if I can help it, I don’t want my body ever holding me back again from something I want to do.


  • What positive changes have you seen in yourself since starting?


Well, first my total body and strength in general is leaps and bounds better from before. I can fit into clothes again that I haven’t been able to wear for 5 or 6 years since college and collectively my overall mood and energy level is so much better than it’s been the last few years. 


  • What’s your biggest tip or piece of advice for someone who is just beginning their fitness journey?


Don’t be afraid to jump right in and give 100% every time you walk in the gym. My biggest thing since day 1 has been “don’t leave a round or a rep on the table”, and this looks different for everyone. When you look at the board with the workout for the day, have a goal and a plan for what you would like to accomplish that day and push yourself to meet that goal! You will be so proud of what you are able to accomplish if you give it your all every time. 


  • What is your favorite part of working out at Prime Fitness?


The people, everyone at Prime is great. Whether it be the trainers or fellow members, everyone wants to see you succeed and not only reach but surpass your goals.


  • What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?


I love spending time with my wife Madison and our THREE dogs, but I also enjoy a round of golf, watching sports, and smoking meat. 


  • If you could pick up a new skill in an instant, what would it be?


Singing. I love attempting to sing but it’s an unfortunate experience for anyone within earshot…


  • What was the first concert you ever went to?


Eric Church on Cinco De Mayo of 2012


  • What is your favorite song from when you were a teenager that you still love to listen to?


It wasn’t produced when I was a teenager, but my hitting song in high school baseball was California Love by Tupac and to this day I still love it. 

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