2021 Total Body Transformation

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Wednesday, May 6th – Opening Under TN Pledge Requirements Click here: Prime Fitness TN Pledge Compliance: General Facility and Training READ MORE »

Home Resources: Tempo Changes for Intensity

If you are looking to add intensity to your home training program and have limited access to equipment, try altering READ MORE »

Home Resources: Micro-workout – Every Hour, on the Hour

A Micro-workout is not typically the best or most efficient training modality for our members and their lifestyles. However, in READ MORE »

Home Resources: Shoulder Mobility

If you experience stiffness or pain through your shoulder joint, see these exercises you can do right at home.

Home Resources: Plank Variations

If you are looking for some diversity in your core work, check out this video as Charlie leads us through READ MORE »

Mitigating Progress Loss during COVID -19

Mitigating Progress Loss during COVID-19 I’d like to start off by saying that I hope you all are staying safe READ MORE »

Home Resources: Makeshift Sandbag

Check out this video to learn how to make a sandbag to add resistance to your home training!

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